2024 Storms

by Cherokee County Judge Chris Davis

In the past five months, Cherokee County has recorded its highest rainfall amount in the past 130 years. Roads, bridges, culverts and other infrastructure have been severely damaged. The amount of tree debris left by these storms is becoming insurmountable. Our road crews are working long hours to keep the roads open. High water and a lack of dry materials makes some of these tasks almost impossible. Our public utilities such as electricity, water, telephone and internet, are doing all they can do to keep their services up and running.

I ask that you please be patient while everyone does their best to get our area back to normal. For all the people who have just moved into our area thinking they had reached the Land of Milk and Honey, I do apologize, sometimes the milk goes sour and the bees sting really hard. Tough times like these can often make tempers flare, so I ask you to be considerate and respectable to all the people that are working hard to restore your services. I am reminded of a quote by Zig Ziglar, “Tough times don’t last but tough people do.”

We do ask the general public, if you have encountered significant damages dating back to April 26, to this date, you can report your damages to the State of Texas through iSTAT (State of Texas Assessment Tool). A link is provided on our Cherokee County website for your convenience. If in the event that assistance is awarded, this would be the way to track and review for eligibility.

Editor's note: The direct link for reporting damage to the State of Texas is https://damage.tdem.texas.gov while the link to the Cherokee County Texas government website is www.co.cherokee.tx.us/ips/cms/index.html