JC honors ninth group of Rusk TJC Citizens Promise Scholars

by Elise Mullinix TJC Marketing/Public Relations
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Rusk scholars fulfill Promise 

From left: Kara Wofford; Carson Wallace; Carolina Villa; Emma Bayless; Micah Solly; Cameron May; Elisha Blankinship; Esther Reifel; Lexie Stanley; Chris Perez; Megan Burns, TJC senior manager of scholarship and the Rusk TJC Citizens Promise; Mitch Andrews, TJC vice president for institutional advancement; Stephanie Guynn, Rusk Chamber of Commerce president; Carlton Crothers, Rusk Economic Development director; Dr. Juan E. Mejia, TJC president and CEO; Jim Perkins, Citizens 1st Bank – Tyler president, and practicing attorney; Margaret Perkins, Citizens 1st Bank director; Dr. Deana Sheppard, TJC provost and vice president for academic and student affairs; Kenyada Kincade; Collin Zane Lofton; Lacy Smith; Preston Arnold; Dallas Bouman; Shelby Hassell; Allen Dotson; Damian Perez; and Albert Gonzales. 

TJC photo