Jacksonville: Discolored water alert

by City of Jacksonville

Portions of the city are currently experiencing the delivery of discolored domestic water. The water is safe for normal use.

Sporadic reports of water with a yellowish/brownish tint have been received. Discoloration appears to be most prevalent in the southeastern quadrant of the city due to the outage of a water well caused by a power surge. This may impact the City’s water cooperative customers.

The City is making every effort to expedite repairs to the well. In addition, the City is performing targeted flushing operations to reduce sedimentation in the water supply.

Water discoloration is caused by iron or manganese sediments that have settled in the water pipes over time. Iron and manganese are both naturally present. In addition, iron pipes in our distribution system can be a source of iron discoloration. Iron and manganese in drinking water are not a health risk.

Flushing your cold water tap for 5-10 minutes should clear up discolored water. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.