Honest, fair, unbiased reporting

by John Hawkins/Publisher news@thecherokeean.com

As a community newspaper, we often walk a thin line when it comes to reporting events or stories each week. When I took over this newspaper, I promised that The Cherokeean Herald would be honest, fair and unbiased. We do not report on anything unless it can be verified or proven.

Such is the case lately. There are several rumors going around Rusk that we are aware of; however, unless we can confirm and substantiate the stories we are told or hear about, we will not print them.
As is often the case, a story that is told and retold will sometimes get the facts wrong and changed as it goes around. The final telling can distort what the real facts might be in any given situation.

So, you may be assured that anything The Cherokeean Herald publishes has been thoroughly checked for accuracy and the facts verified in the timeliest manner possible.

To our readers, we remain committed to keeping this newspaper honest and unbiased and to simply report the facts as they are determined and their relevance to our community.