White-tail deer season opens Nov. 6 in Texas

by Jo Anne Embleton news@thecherokeean.com
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

White-tailed deer season opens Nov. 6 in Texas, with thousands of hunters preparing to take part in a season that promises an estimated 5.4 million deer population, according to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

According to a TPWD release, “although slightly down from previous years, fawn survival rate predictions indicate an overall robust population increase headed into the season.”

The Pineywoods eco-region is among those expected to have among the highest density of deer, officials said.

“Survey data from 2020 estimated the Pineywoods deer population at more than 280,000, which is higher than the previous three years. Though the area has been plagued by relatively low fawn production, in the last five years, population growth has remained stable,” the release noted. “Fawn production is expected to be above average going into the 2021-22 season, potentially bolstering the overall population. Buck harvest trends indicate 53.3 percent of the previous year’s harvest were bucks 3.5-years-old or older, a byproduct of the antler restriction regulation in this region.”

The general season runs from Nov. 6 through Jan. 2, 2022 in the North Zone and Jan. 16, 2022 in the South Zone. A special youth-only gun deer season will be Jan. 3-16, 2022, according to TPWD.

Game Warden Mark Braddock of Cherokee County offers the following reminders to local hunters:

• Along with an ID, hunters must have a hunting license, be they youth or adult hunters

• Hunters also must have taken a hunter education course, which is required for those born after Sept. 2, 1971

• While weather conditions vary, hunters should dress in layers of breathable fabrics to help them accli-mate better to those conditions

• Carry enough drinking water to stay hydrated, and snacks that provide energy

• Always have a plan or itinerary that you can share with family or friends, so they know your location and when to expect you back at camp or at home. Also provide a way to contact you so that if you aren’t back at a reasonable time, they are able to check on you.

• When possible, hunt with a buddy

• Carry a first aid kit

• Take a pen along to fill out the harvest log on back of the hunting license

• Download TPWD’s free 2021-22 Outdoor Annual app – hunters don’t need a signal to utilize it once the app is downloaded

“Hopefully, everyone will be safe and prepared for the season,” Braddock said.