A plan for COVID

by Penny Hawkins penny@thecherokeean.com

Ok, so you’ve been exposed to COVID-19, now what?

My brother Jody is retired now, but he still remains detail-oriented and precise, traits that made him good at his job. When he got COVID recently, we were not surprised that he and his wife Kay had developed a plan in case either of them got sick.
They live in the mountains and it was already cold there, so they had to cope with both of them being inside. He shared his plan with our family in case any of us needed it, and has agreed to share with our Cherokeean Herald readers.

So, here is what Jody and Kay worked up, some of it will need to be tweaked to each individual:

Patient location – large bedroom with small bathroom and TV

Supplies to have in bedroom:

Paper towels Kleenex Toilet paper
Paper plates Paper cups Garbage bags

Hand sanitizer Hand soap Large trash can

Rx drugs Bottled water Thermometer Blood pressure cuff

Extra masks Disinfectant spray

Tooth brush/toothpaste Mouthwash

Tablet/laptop/charger Phone & charger Paper and pen

Procedure if one person is exposed

Notify doctor

Begin taking temperature every 12 hours and record

Isolate in bedroom

Communicate by phone

Provide meals by leaving on a tray on the dresser

Use paper plates and paper cups

Use masks and gloves when providing meals or removing dishes

Minimize talking while in the room

Leave a window cracked if possible

Bedding should be changed by patient and placed in a bag if possible


A list of people who can get groceries, meds, etc., to bring to your home.

Be sure to list their phone number along with their names!

Procedure for persons assisting

Communicate by phone

Leave money in an envelope in a secure place outside, or take advantage of a store’s online ordering service, where you can pre-pay for items.

Have people leave delivered goods on the trunk of the car, then contact you when they are deliverd.

And, yes, Jody did get COVID – he was able to remain at home and recovered slowly. Kay did not get it.