Deer season opens; tips for non-hunters

by By Jo Anne Embleton
Courtesy of Texas Parks & Wildlife Courtesy of Texas Parks & Wildlife

Deer season has opened in Texas.

This year, the general season for white-tailed runs from Nov. 7-Jan. 3, 2021, in the North Zone, while in the South Zone, the season extends to Jan. 17, 2021, according to Texas Parks & Wildlife.

Non-hunters are reminded to observe the following safety tips, found at

• Wear the right clothing. Avoid colors and patterns that blend into your surroundings, including whites, blacks, browns, earth tones, animal patterns and camouflage. Bright orange, red or green clothing is best, especially for vests and hats.

• Make some noise. This includes talking loudly (to yourself or a companion), whistling or singing, especially if you hear a shot nearby. Once hunters have acknowledged your location, show courtesy by reducing excessive noise that might scare away animals.

• Keep pets safe, too. Don't let dogs off-leash in an area that allows hunting, especially if they like to chase deer.

• Plan and avoid hunting areas and seasons. If you want to avoid encountering hunters altogether, find a location where hunting is not allowed. This typically includes most state and national parks.
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