Workforce Solutions East Texas to Host a Virtual Town Hall: ResET, Re-Employ East Texas, with Special Guests from TWC, the State Comptroller, and Local Leaders

May 12, 2020

Workforce Solutions East Texas invites East Texas elected officials, economic developers, chambers, and business leaders to join a Virtual Town Hall: ResET, Re-Employ East Texas, on Thursday, May 14, 2020, from 11 AM – 1:30 PM. The event will feature a panel of special guest speakers including Texas Workforce Commissioner, Aaron Demerson; State Comptroller, Glenn Hegar; Texas Economic Development Council President/CEO, Carlton Schwab; Longview Chamber President, Kelly Hall; and ETCOG Small Business Loan Manager, Chuck Vanderbilt. Texas Representative Matt Schaefer will kick off the event with welcome and introductory comments.

“East Texans, along with the state, nation, and world, have suffered a devastating blow to our thriving economy,” said Workforce Solutions East Texas’ Executive Director, Doug Shryock. “COVID-19 was a tsunami, sweeping out our record low unemployment levels and leaving behind a landscape of destruction. But a tsunami works in two directions; the initial hit, followed by a backlash. Join us as together we dig out and put our jobs and economy back on a stable foundation.”

Workforce Solutions East Texas Center Director, Mary Ann Rojas, will welcome our panelists and invite them to offer their perspectives and expertise on COVID-19 measures to ReSet the East Texas Workforce through:

• Jobs Availability

• Changes to Business Models

• Safety in the Workplace

• Virtual Learning and Working

“The human element always shines brightest in moments of uncertainty,” said Workforce Solutions East Texas Center Director, Mary Ann Rojas. “Through this crisis we have learned to be a little more patient, a little more caring and what it means to be kind. It has shined a light on our talents as workforce professionals and business leaders and has put a focus on workplace safety just as it has revealed the true value of work and the America worker. We are going to do our best to support our business partners and further develop the skills of our workforce.”

The discussion panel will be moderated be ETCOG’s Director of Workforce & Economic Development, Doug Shryock, and the City of Emory Development Corporation’s Director, Keeley Roan. To join the virtual event on Zoom, participants must pre-register by visiting

For more information, contact Workforce Solutions East Texas Center Director, Mary Ann Rojas, by calling (903) 561.8131.