City of Jacksonville Promotion Waives Restrooms Facility Requirements for Itinerant Vendors

March 27, 2020

To ease supply-chain difficulties due to the COVID-19 outbreak, effective immediately, all existing Jacksonville businesses based in Jacksonville city limits that otherwise do not operate as itinerant vendors, are to eligible to apply at no-cost for a short-term permit to sell as an itinerant vendor. The initial permit is valid for 14-days, with a renewable 16-day extension.

Restroom requirements will be waived, only for non-food vendors. FOOD VENDOR’s MUST HAVE RESTROOM FACLITIES. All vendors must have permission to be on the property they set-up on. All other permit requirements apply.

Background checks will be expedited, or the permit will be issued if there is an unanticipated delay in the application process.

To apply for this free itinerant vendor license, please contact City Secretary Greg Lowe at (903) 339-3390, or email . You will not be able to visit City Hall in person due to the COVID-19 lockdown.