Byron Underwood runs as write-in candidate for county commissioner

September 19, 2018

Cherokee County Precinct 4 Commissioner Byron Underwood has announced his intention to seek re-election to the same position in the November general election. Mr. Underwood, who has served on the Commissioners Court for the past 11 years, will seek re-election as a write-in candidate after an unsuccessful campaign for County Judge in March. He has represented Precinct 4 as County Commissioner since 2007.
“I want to continue to represent the people of Precinct 4. The only way I can do so at this point is to run as a write-in candidate and I intend to make sure they know that they have the option of writing my name on the ballot.”
During his 11 years on the Court, Mr. Underwood has completed more than 300 hours in courses of study related to serving on the Commissioners court and has worked to modernize and improve county services and facilities. He has faced the tough issues head on and has made common sense business decisions to keep taxes low. He has been a leader in the initiation of a step and grade pay system, in an effort to help keep quality county employees, and has worked to develop a plan for meeting the future road and services needs of a growing county.

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