Local resident starts vets group

November 24, 2021

I'm calling our veterans group “As you were!” We meet for coffee & cookies the 1st & 3rd Thursday, 8 a.m. at Brookshire Brothers in Rusk. We've had ten vets so far, the word is getting out!

Andrew Dehart, Cherokee County Veterans Service Officer, and Bradley Erickson with Military Veterans Peer Group have come to share info on their organizations. Megan Wood from Hospice Plus in Palestine came to invite us to a Veteran’s Day BBQ in Palestine!

As the group grows, I'm thinking of ways to serve us & others; I may seek local sponsors and a larger venue. Thanks to Ben, manager at Brookshire Brothers, for the coffee & facilities!! If anyone has info about local services for veterans or active duty soldiers, or anyone with questions, call Terry Everest 707-951-2684🇺🇸

Terry Everest

Rusk, Texas

Editorial note: Terry Everest has recently moved to the Rusk area and when he came into our office to subscribe to the Cherokeean Herald, he mentioned that he would like to start an informal gathering of veterans. I saw him in Brookshire Brothers the other morning and he was enthusiastic about how well the group was doing. I asked him to put the good news in a letter we could share with our readers. In case you would like to see what Terry looks like, here is a picture of him at the National Night Out event in Rusk in October. – Penny Hawkins