Clinton Wayne Brock 10/1/82-4/8/21.

April 26, 2021
Clinton Brock Clinton Brock

Clint was born in Palestine, Texas, to Tammy Laverne Alexander and Hearold Wayne Brock. He lived in Rusk, Texas, with his sister Felicia Brock. Clint was tough and a fighter, he battled every day of his life whether it be self-inflicted or the hand of God. He was misunderstood and for good reasons sometimes.

I met Clint on the banks of Mayhaw Slough on the banks of Mudd Creek when we were just little boys and we have been friends ever since. Throughout our lives there have been ups and downs along the way; but I can say this, I never met a man with a heart like Clint Brock. He was my friend and many other's friend as well and he will be missed.

His memorial will be Saturday, May 1st, 2021 at the Texas State Railroad Park in Rusk, TX at 2 pm.