A different kind of birthday

by Jo Anne Embleton

Approximately 20 people gathered Tuesday outside the Cherokee County Courthouse in Rusk to pay homage to the State of Texas, which adopted its Declaration of Independence on March 2, 1836. “It’s an honor to be a Texan,” County Judge Chris Davis told the gathering. “Texans dream bigger than other folks, we always have. We just think bigger, and we have to. In 1836, people in Texans didn’t just go to start a state – they became a whole other country. It’s something we have that no other state I know of has, starting out as country. … can you imagine only in 50 days, we defeated Mexico and became our own republic? It’s just amazing when you put it in (that context).”

Local musician Michael Knight provided music for the event, with members of the Cross of Saint Andrew Camp 2009 of Alto, Texas CSA providing a gun salute.