ONCOR: Controlled power outages remain in place

by Staff reports

According to an emergency update posted by Oncor, "there continues to be a lack of available generation, and as a result, controlled outages remain in place as directed by Electric Reliability Council of Texas. Due to lowered power demand overnight, Oncor and other utilities were able to restore some of the previously dropped power load and increased our capability to rotate some outages throughout the territory. Even with this increased capability, we still have many customers who continue to experience extended outages.

"We continue to strive toward providing any temporary relief that we can for those who have been without power the longest as soon as enough generation is available. However, as we saw yesterday, low temperatures of the early morning and increased power demand may result in direction from ERCOT to once again reduce additional load. We will continue to take their direction as we focus on ensuring the integrity of the electric grid."

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