GETCAP offering residents opportunity to RISE

by the Greater East Texas Community Action Program

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has many considering a new career.

Greater East Texas Community Action Program (GETCAP) has received special funding to assist people for high demand jobs through its RISE (Reaching Independence through Supportive Elevation) program.

The RISE program targets those who are serious about finding a job, getting a better job or receiving training. The purpose is to help people move to greater economic independence -- better earning can be achieved with deliberate changes.
According to GETCAP Executive Director Karen Swenson, “COVID-19 has significantly impacted the already changing economy. Job opportunities are different. Rural east Texas has special challenges and we want to help people make the most of available opportunities. RISE offers a specialized approach for everyone. ”
Special support may be available for intense job search and training programs leading to a job. The program focuses on assistance for tuition and costs to attend training or do job search and may include gasoline assistance, utility assistance and other documented needs.

According to local Case Manager Linda Lewis, “The enhanced funding is a wonderful opportunity for many to really improve their earning potential. People are strongly encouraged to pursue this assistance.”

Individuals are required to qualify by household income and other documentation. The income guideline is 200 percent of the federal poverty level.

Those seeking training should take action as quickly as possible.
For more information, contact Candice at (800) 621-5746 or (936) 585-7218.